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Freeze Me, Squeeze Me- Bring on Life!

After 2022 the word flexibility has taken on part of our culture. Individuals are looking for solutions to play on their terms- to live life flexible. Here's a California based company, with a simple mission to inspire & support active lifestyles with innovative, portable products.

What happened?

Three outdoor enthusiast put their brainpower together to design the brand Vapur!

Additionally they wanted to help solve the challenge of unwanted waste in the outdoors, as well as the after effect of plastic. Since its National Creativity Month, we've been sharing creative products.

What makes the brand innovative & creative?

  • A reuseable water bottle that will stand when full and can be rolled, folded and flattened when empty.

  • Easy to tuck in bags and pockets.

  • It's 84% lighter than Typical rigid bottles.

  • The bottle is lightening the footprint on the environment. Using less energy to make them

  • There are even after hours design for enjoying wine & spirits!

  • Reusable, flexible, collapsible, durable, freezable, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Is part of your daily routine to take your four legged buddy on your journeys?

If so, you will appreciate this EZ Lick version of Vapur

There you have it- freeze it, squeeze it but whatever you do, don't avoid getting out there to enjoy life!

Does your brand identity offer flexible & adaptable options or unconventional solutions?

This type of product will capture those messages, as well providing a sustainable choice.

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