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Get A Life!

Who coined the phrase, "get a life"? In 1986, the phrase was used by actor William Shatner in his appearance in a December episode of Saturday Night Live. During the show, he's in a skit, where he shows up at a Star Trek convention and implores a group of Trekkies who are obsessed with the details of Shatner's life to move out of their parents' basements and "get a life."

Life has gotten faster and more visual; which means consumers expect more. Is your brand ready to move out of the basement and demand attention on it's own merit? Creating a life for your brand should include a cohesive & polished look across all your social media platforms. Because most posts include a photo, our graphics team would like you to consider the benefits of posting quality lifestyle images to enhance your brand identity.

While each of these photos below captures a sense of community, the message implied with each is image is different. An ability to capture a story in a photo is the key to a quality lifestyle image. The consumer relates to the image, which builds relationships and creates loyalists that identify with your brand.

Because life moves fast and adapting requires getting our of our routines and comfort zones, we frequently publish quick marketing tips on our blog. We've been sharing social media tips over the last year- perhaps you missed a tip? No worries- we've consolidated some white paper resources here.

As business owners, we all want to live long and prosper! Sharing knowledge is part our brand story.

“Your story is what you have, what you will always have. It is something to own.” – Michelle Obama

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