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Gifting Series: Cashing In Your Chips

Picture this, a way to actively engage employees to participate. Personalized poker chips used as currency within the office to promote participation, kind acts, and more! Your company can start by giving each employee and allotted amount of chips to kick off the program. Each month, a newsletter can be sent out with all the different rewards that can be redeemed with using the chips. Maybe it’s company swag, a lunch or specialty coffees!

Each employee would start out with a set amount of chips, then receive a quarterly newsletter featuring the prizes they could "buy" on the company website link. ( you do know we create company stores right? ) Managers can handing out the chips, ask for coworkers "nominate" a team member for overlooked accomplishments and toss out coins at town hall type meetings to encourage interaction. Consider a dry ease leader board to manage team results or pose the question of the day.

By implementing this type of reward system, employees feel acknowledged and appreciated. Given the opportunity to choose their own prize, they are in control of what they get instead of receiving a gift which adds immediate excitement. What types of coins? Chocolate, metal, poker style, wooden, enamel and plantable seed papers! Yep- we have numerous choices for this type of program.

Add acknowledgement throughout the year with this type of program. Since we're already in November, kicking it off this type of incentive program with chocolate coins at employee work stations is an exciting way to start the day!

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