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Give Back One For One

As a former teacher, I know first hand that some families are unable to send their children to school with the necessary supplies. Besides challenges with students coming from lower income homes, school budgets are tight and many teachers supplement classroom deficiencies by purchasing supplies themselves. Give Back programs like the one with our partner line Aakron, make a difference in the classroom.

About 20 years ago, Aakron was looking for ways to make product donations that would make a difference in the community. As a US Made manufacturer of pencils, rulers & plastic drink ware items, their line has products that perfectly aligned to help an organization called NAEIR.

What is NAEIR? It is a non-profit group that "empowers generosity." Additionally, it's the oldest in-kind giving organization in America, collecting merchandise donations from generous American corporations and providing them to qualified schools and non-profit organizations. Since 2000, Aakron has donated over 7 million products with their one for one program. Every time you purchase one of the 30 items on the Give Back Program, one is donated to NAEIR, who helps segment those goods back to individuals that need help the most.

  • Connecting with kids in the community is fun and gives back when you purchase scented pencils.

  • Kickballs - to kick around some new ideas in the boardroom.

  • Savings that measure up, safety tips that rule - with plastic & wooden rulers.

  • Offering a bright & shining future to college students with shimmering cups.

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