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Give 'Um The Finger

Giving someone the finger has never been more fun, and let's face it, who doesn't love a foam finger? A foam finger is practically synonymous with an outdoor event, celebration or sports.

Stock shapes, custom shapes; of course!

Add fun to your next event, while supporting a family owned company making USA Made products. We've assisted several event planners with themed head wear such as cowboy hats or shark fins for annual conferences.

Beyond the finger- scrubbers are ideal for promotions for many businesses:

  • To increase value & brand exposure for the sponsor of a charity car wash.

  • As a gift from your automotive dealer or body shop- reminding them of your car care service.

  • A new cleaning company that wants to promote their service to residents in the area or as a commercial cleaning account, suggesting the consumer let them clean up instead. 

  • A realtor might put in a gift basket of new home products

  • A banker might suggest that partner that solves your challenges

  • A municipality might use one to remind home owners about storm water safety tips

Add some fun to your next promotional campaign!

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