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Go Ahead, Express Yourself

Let your individuality take center-stage. You don't have to be an artist or a graphic designer to have a vision. Sure, it might be harder for you to put the concept into a design, but that's what we do everyday.

What would you do if you could design your own products? Would you use photos from a trip to capture a memory of a reunion with family & friends? Maybe if you owned a business you would use this type of product to market yourself- a walking billboard?

Sublimation provides opportunities to truly express yourself, creating unique branded items for fun, for promotion, to use as props in videos or photos or as rewards for a loyalty or wellness program. The ideas are only limited by your imagination.

Here are a few options to consider:

  • A tech backpack to use for the office, travel or commuting and include a felt journal for daily gratitude, reflection or goals.

  • Full zip hoodie for a recent graduate, loyal customer or to promote your new tagline & logo.

  • Pull over hoodie for spirit-wear or team building; reward your brand ambassadors.

  • Unique Tees for a promotion at work - maybe a themed sale or fun at the car dealership.

  • Pot holders or drawstring bags for new homeowners with a map to local parks, restaurants or shopping. Perhaps make it a set.

  • Felt coaster sets to local businesses in a downtown area that loves foot traffic. This would be a fun way to co brand with your neighbors and remind recipients you are only steps away.

  • An apron with signatures of your culinary class buddies or with your most requested recipe to give to another with the ingredients - that's a unique gift.

  • Mail a luggage tag with a VIP ticket to an event you are hosting for an upcoming conference.

  • All butterfingers when it comes to handling your phone? Make the phone grip work for you.

  • Sunglasses protector sleeve with safe driving tips or what to do in an emergency.

  • Honor the moms & dads of the world with a special image or message on a tea towel, then donate to local senior living facilities and make some for the staff too as a way to say thanks!

  • Create a survival kit for healthcare professionals or first responders with this felt amenities pouch.

  • Design a commemorative pillow for students to use on a bus trip. Add an image of the destination and a place for trading signatures with friends.

  • Next time you write a thank you note, consider slipping in a colorful pencil/pen grip!

  • Enjoy a drink with friends at the lake, the camp ground or in your backyard with this mason jar sleeve combo.

Overwhelmed yet? Not us- there are even more options than we've shown here. We love graphic design projects. Let us help get more creative with your next promotion.

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