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Good Smells Well Done

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

A lot has changed over the past year-and-a-half. Working remotely became a way of life – and even when people weren’t on the clock, they were still spending more free time at home.

It all created interest in products that make our homes more comfortable, which is why we’re so excited to expand our housewares with collection with the introduction of a new brand partner: Good & Well Supply Co.

Good Smells Done Well

Good & Well Supply Co. crafts candles that celebrate nature, using the business to advocate for and support public lands through donations. The Good & Well Supply Co. mission is to bring the best of nature to your home, and we’ve got three new candles that do so – just in time for gift season. Made in the United States and inspired by national parks, each one is ethically sourced and handcrafted from all-natural soy.

Great For Gifting

And just in time for gift season, we’re excited to introduce three new Good & Well Supply Co. candles – with plans for more in the future! Each one is eco-friendly, ethically sourced and hand-crafted from all-natural soy. They’re made in the USA and inspired by U.S. National Parks, making them the perfect gift for anyone who loves the smell of fresh air.

Zion National Park 14oz Candle | 6000-06

Inspired by Zion National Park, the scent is composed of desert lavender, sage and dried herbs.

Rainier National Park 14oz Candle | 6000-05

Inspired by Rainier National Park, the scent is composed of balsam fir needle, balsamic woody crushed pine needles and citrus.

Redwood National Park 14oz Candle | 6000-04

Inspired by Redwood National Park, the scent is composed of oakmoss, sage, citrus and damp earth.

Like we mentioned, Good & Well Supply Co. supports the public lands that are the company’s inspiration, making annual donations to the National Park Foundation and others. So it’s more than a thoughtful gift – it’s one you can feel good about giving, too.

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