Grow Profits Using QR Codes

Content is king and in a rapidly changing environment your ability to pivot is pretty simple with the configuration of lines and dots that make up a scannable shortcut- a map to any destination. You know this adaptable symbol as a QR code!

  • Encourage social media engagement to scan to leave a review or sign up to follow your page. Ask about contests ideas to reward new followers.

  • To-go bags: with delivery services being more popular than ever, placing a QR code on the label of your to-go bag encourages customers join your rewards program or follow your social media for specials deals. For example, offer limited access coupons during the day to increase views back to your social media for deals!

  • Use QR codes to break down ingredients in sauces or spices for patrons with allergies!

  • Postcard, tent cards and counter stickers promote contactless, digital menus. Include WiFi credentials- spare your guests the hassle of manually typing in a password by sharing your credentials via QR code. This method is easy for your guests and protects your password from being exposed.

  • Floor banners or windows can become an access to menus or fun social media polls.

  • In the parking lot or curbside, for ordering/paying use QR code to notifying the restaurant staff guest has arrived to pick up an order or have us add a number to text.

  • On business cards or brochures, add links to your website, social media or create an exclusive coupon to monitor progress.

  • QR codes reduce waste- a sustainable solution. Promote these efforts in your marketing.

  • QR codes make it easy to change up your menu with weekly specials, seasonal offerings or changing pricing.

QR codes offer a way for your audience to gain access to valuable information without much effort. Ready to incorporate QR Codes into your marketing strategy? We can help!

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