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Grow Your Business, Like Magic

Have you ever spent time looking for a pair of scissors? Instead of digging in a junk drawer, may we suggest scissors in a magnetic sleeve, firmly attached to your file cabinet or kitchen appliance. Would that make your life easier? Solving problems is what promotional products do; they provide a solution & integrate into the daily life of the user.

Products that are kept and used frequently have a longer impression life, which also means those items have a lower cost per impression. Is this approach to lead generation magic? Nope, as this video highlights, it's all in the power of touch. Real results are not tricks, simply tangible solutions that grow your business. We love designing creative campaigns and long before the pandemic, we've crafted some amazing campaigns using direct mail.

As a matter of fact, the pandemic has increased the interest in curated collection kits and products have become the new handshake. How do you develop a campaign? It's important to consider how a product looks, feels, and functions. If you shipped a pair of scissors to a prospect that is housed in a magnetic case, with a handle that also opens jars, as well as works for left or right-handed users & inserted a card that says:

We can cut your costs

Our team will stick with you

We offer more than meets the eye

Then pat yourself on the back because you've delivered a powerful message within the tool. Just like the magician cutting the assistant in half and putting them together again, your approach cuts to the heart of your message, creating a strategic campaign; just like magic.

Still seem daunting? No worries, our expert hands have been crafting campaigns since 2007. We are ready to collaborate, are you? Contact us or sign up for our newsletter for exclusive tips not covered in our blog.

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