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Head Home For The Holidays

There is something comforting about heading home at the end of the day and the reason so many of us return home to mom & dad for the holidays. Creating a comfortable setting that makes us relaxed is part of the joy of the holiday season.

Searching for the perfect gift, that also includes your branding woven into the design can be a challenge. We all know if the product is high quality and useful, it's going to leave an impression and be kept & enjoyed over a long period of time.

The challenge in the promotional world often comes down to quantities. It's tough to locate options for only 1 unit, then without a setup and add on quick turn and full color- well, one might as well be searching for a unicorn!

We have found the unicorn- in fact we've been sharing this line with you for years. The turn times are even faster and the number of products with full color are even larger, which means we get to apply our creativity to the surface. Sure, we can add your logo, but what about images of events, places, homes, teams or milestone moments? Yes!

Full color surfaces are also a way to convey your core values or have some fun with the surface, perhaps welcoming a new edition to the family or through an internal contest at the office. Make waves with a full color sound bar in the home this season.

In fact, we encourage you to consider the magic behind heading home for the holidays.

A versatile multi- tool knife for the culinary enthusiast that cuts bread, opens corks & bottles or even a can is a functional and elegant addition to the home.

An accordion light, that's made with sustainable bamboo and Tyvek paper offering three light settings, that bends, folds and illuminates with elegance offers so many possibilities for travel and in the home.

Enhance your gifts with full color sleeves and premium retail inspired packaging.

Be inspired by all the choices we offer-

ask about programs with only 1 unit to make your gifting turn key year-round and yes, add some flair to your brand moments & the unboxing experience with a presentation that wow's the recipient.

Here is the latest catalog for the holidays and a broader line here.

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