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Help Prevent Crime

While not all crime is preventable, common sense goes a long way. Locking up valuables and keeping them out of sight, as well as not leaving keys in the ignition of an unattended car or being aware of your surroundings are frequent education tips from first responders.

Since 1984, the month of October has been designated National Crime Prevention Month. Ever since, the National Crime Prevention Council has been on a mission to educate communities on ways to prevent crime and stay safe. From local law enforcement agencies to neighborhood watch groups, many organizations can spread safety messages with promotional products.

Harry Hall said, “Crime prevention is everybody’s business.” Which means businesses can give away items to remind others of safety tips or add an extra layer of protection to early morning or evening walks & runs with glow in the dark bands, whistles and bike locks are perfect for keeping your bike secure when you take a break.

Do you lock your car doors when the car is in the driveway or you run errands?

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