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How Are You Prioritizing Safety?

Safety first! Workplaces everywhere are familiar with the phrase – many even have it printed on signs – but how do you encourage employees to prioritize safety? Easy answer: Reward it with great gifts. There’s no better way to incentivize employees to meet safety goals, and there’s no better time to motivate them than during Safety Awareness Month. It comes around every June.

A Cause For Celebration

Whether you’re rewarding them for 365 accident-free days or passing the annual safety inspection, it’s important to celebrate milestones. These versatile gifts can be used anywhere, so they’re a great way to recognize a job well done.

Safety program essentials should include, signage on doors, trucks, breakroom, lockers, even hard hats! Developing a theme that captures attention is one of the ways our graphic experience can help shape behavior. Just like a catchy jingle gets stuck in your head, concise but high impact graphic design is a constant reminder to goals.

Beyond the visual and verbal cues, incentives work. Who doesn't like a reward? What are some of our favorites?

Name brand items such as:

A popular bag from a brand they trust. This durable backpack from Thule, features two full-sized storage compartments, protective sleeves for a laptop and tablet, plus a rigid SafeZone pocket for small valuables. The padded shoulder straps and back panel with airflow channels for ventilation make it super comfy to carry.

Six hours of playback on a single charge – and a 10-minute rapid charge provides a couple hours more is part of what makes Skullcandy such a popular brand with consumers. These wireless earbuds have features like built-in touch sensors let you answer calls, change songs, adjust the volume or activate the voice assistant – all without touching your phone. On top of all that, they have an IP55 waterproof rating, making them perfect for long hikes and tough workouts. And they’re integrated with the Tile app, so they’re easy to find if they’re ever misplaced.

Many jobs that focus on safety programs put employees out in the field, which means in the elements - both hot and cold. Essential items to tame the weather include quality coolers and copper insulated drinkware. Here are a couple of favorites

Trust a COB light for safety. This auto-safety tool features a magnetic base, a seatbelt cutter, a window breaker and a two-function COB light that includes solid white and blinking red (batteries included). We hope you never need to use it!

Stay Safe Out There!

When you need more ideas- check this store for inspiration.

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