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How Are You Using Your Green Backs?

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Did you know greenback is a slang term for U.S. paper dollars? Greenbacks got their name from their color. However, a Benjamin that can be crushed up to grow plants or conceptualizing the idea that you can grow money, well that's not only green but smart! 

Take a look at this seed money used by our partner CW22 My RDC for a promotional campaign to remind us of the importance of recycling. A message on a greenback that actually grows flowers is not only an idea that recycles but the message of saving money is amplified on this $100 bill! 

We've been pitching green promotions for years. We used this type of promotion back in 2012, as a direct mail campaign, when we were in the re-branding process, to remind our client base that growing profits was easy when we worked together to plant the right seeds.

Over the years we have grown brands by designing seed paper projects using:

  • Plantable shovels for groundbreakings

  • Postcard memos to remind employees to recycle paper internally

  • Invitations to corporate retreats at Maple View Farms

  • Saving trees that provide pancake syrup while educating kids about insects at BugFest

  • Creating snowflake ornaments for a daycare to acknowledge the individual gift of each child

  • This month we are working on a seasonal mailer for a local company with a snowman theme. 

  • Planting seeds to the future with a quality education is critical to career success. Supporting the annual Wake Tech Foundation Campaign insures your planting seeds to the future. 

Ready to grow your brand dollars with creative marketing?

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