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How Important Is The Finishing Touch?

Details are important, making the finishing touch to your print project the difference between success and disappointment. Stocking a showroom of samples provides a valuable asset to our clients. The ability to quickly access samples, touch, and compare the difference. Print projects have numerous options for paper - the thickness and finishing make a huge difference to the final product.

Screen images struggle to capture the difference in appearance and can't simulate the value in touching the paper options to determine the right solution for your project. Besides, when you are in the showroom to compare options, we can work with the design-time one on one to reduce your art development time.

In-person meetings, even from a social distance, save time. It's easy for our expert graphics team to share font suggestions or move elements around quickly to determine the direction you want to go for the final design concept. Communication is quicker, often accomplishing in a matter of minutes what might take several days or emails around schedules.

Ready to print? What's popular? Matte finishes. Let's review some options for finishing styles for your next print project:

  • Uncoated paper (no gloss, no finish) prints your art with a more muted color. There’s no coating, the paper absorbs the ink quickly and there is no reflective finish to brighten the color.

  • Matte paper, on the other hand, is a coated stock with the least vibrant finish. This paper stock has a minimal sheen and will brighten your art one level from the uncoated stock.

  • Dull stock has a slightly more vibrant coated finish than the matte stock, prints with brighter colors. The dull finish isn’t as glossy as standard gloss coated paper, but it’s still coated stock.

  • Glossy, coated stock that prints, in vibrant colors and has the shiniest finish.

Stop by to put the finishing touches on your next print project!

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