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How Quickly Can You Share Info?

Reliable Speed - it's a desirable feature in our digital world.

We've been telling you about the Popl brand for a while as a trending brand for easy lead generation and sharing information. We've introduced a new option in this Brands Matter series of posts.

The Popl Digital PhoneCard™ is a digital business card on the back of your phone. Simply tap your PhoneCard™ to the back of any compatible phone, or use the unique QR code to instantly share your contact info, social media, payment apps and more.

A Popl is not required to receive your info! Popl PhoneCard™ features the industry-leading X1 chip, offering a fast, reliable sharing experience. The PhoneCard™ shares 3X faster than the original Popl Dot. This product is compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Are you interested in using this type of technology?

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