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I Wanna Dance With Somebody!

The first Saturday in May is an annual celebration of spring & community nestled between the buildings in the historic downtown section of Salem Street. The day usually starts a little crisp, but sunny, and through out the day warms up to a gorgeous day in the Peak of Good Living. Yes, sometimes there is wind and rain, but despite what Mother Nature provides, there are always smiles. It's one of Olivia & Keith's favorite festivals, not only for all the things to experience, but Olivia has first hand knowledge of the work that goes into prepping this festival.

Today's sesquicentennial story is a personal partner to us. PeakFest!

Commission President Jeff Hastings has been leading efforts for the committee for over 12 years, with many long time members, like Olivia, as well as new members to the crew this year! A few of the festival commission shown here after a meeting:

Left to right, Marlow, Lesleigh, Jeff, Olivia, Manuel, with Taylor Wray- Cultural Arts Center Manager in the blue, between Olivia & Manuel. Additional members of the commission, not in the photo, include Rick & Terri.

It's amazing how many hands it takes before the event to coordinate the electrical hook ups, mark booth spaces, spruce up the streets with cleaning, provide temporary bathrooms, set up stages, as well as prepare for a safe event. Prior to and the day of the event, our town departments are working closely with the committee to facilitate the safety protocols from the fire & police departments.

There are so many town departments at work behind the scenes to make the day's event fun for attendees. However once the festival gets going, town employees will be found having just as much fun as attendees; all smiles and dancing! Check our Officer Carter in action, dancing with the crowd. Yes- like Whitney's song, she wants to dance with somebody!

Besides the fun, the festival gives back to the community in the form of grants to many worthy organizations each year. Read the article in the link below for more information about the impact. Additionally, the festival was among the first class of businesses and non-profits to be recognized with a Think Apex Award back in 2016.

The day's event schedule is packed with free local and regional performers, as well as area kids pursuing their passion for dance, music and vocal entertainment. To capture the essence of the festival planned for 2023, check out this article in Suburban Living Magazine. Then check out some favorite images captured in from previous festivals here. Follow our Facebook & new LinkedIn page.

Follow all the ways to be part of the 150 celebration on the town's 150 website

We've linked together all of the sesquicentennial stories we are sharing in our community journey over the next year. Did you miss our latest post here?

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