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Increasing Insider Access

Who doesn't love a little "inside" information? Are you starting to plan your annual retreat or your spring golf tournament? Add some unexpected excitement and brand recognition to sponsors with unique decoration locations.

We offer a line that has a select group of apparel styles that feature the option to private label or private message your gear. These styles feature your logo or special message on a panel inside the neck or waistline. It's your brand, your message, all the way down to the label.

Adding a message is a big opportunity to add a special touch to your apparel. You can simply add your logo to create a custom collection, or you can use these branding locations for recognizing special occasions and commemorating milestones such as work anniversaries.

Ideal For Special Occasions

In the most practical sense, custom labels give you the opportunity to make an additional impression with your promotional apparel.  It's a nice, discreet way to send a message without overloading the exterior of the garment. In a less tangible way, it creates a personal connection with the recipient. When used for a gift for a key donor or an employee award, a custom label adds a positive feeling that stays with the wearer every time recipient wears that garment.

Worry Free

This type of process can be done with smaller orders, full color images and fine details in your artwork offers more value than traditional decoration options.

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