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Influence Consumers with Gold

Influence consumers with rose gold to elevate your brand message.

Rose Gold, millennial pink or rose quartz? Rose gold has many names and is a popular metallic hue found in many products; including pens.

Check out these facts:

  • Did you know that 19th century Russians were the 1st to use rose gold?

  • A well-known jeweler Carl Faberge created iconic Faberge Eggs called Russian gold.

  • Rose gold then sparked popularity in the United States during the roaring 1920s.

  • Jeweler Cartier was instrumental in the rise of rose gold incorporating it into fine jewelry with precious gemstones and diamonds.

  • During World War ll platinum was a valued mineral in the war, so rose gold once again became popular for warmth & elegance.

For many the hue is associated with sophistication, luxury and class.

The Grand Budapest Hotel debuted in 2014, filled with luxurious retro pink interiors, which sparked a love for rose gold with millennials. In 2015 Apple incorporated into phone choices and then in 2016, Pantone named, their Color of the Year, “rose quartz.” The psychology of color is critical in building a promotional marketing strategy. Customers can use specific colors to trigger certain emotions, thoughts, and moods in the audience. Layering in products that resonate with your message & intended audience is critical when marketing & advertising with branded products.

Watch to learn more about how branding with products touches our senses.

Metallic's grab attention and these pens make you want to grab one to use for not only their beauty, but also how well they write!

Need more convincing? Check out these 2023 Stat's:

Perhaps some rose gold is WRITE for your brand!

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