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Innovative Thinking Creates Creative Foundations

This past weekend blew in some crisp fall weather making us reach for pull overs, sweatshirts and jackets. Olivia's been enjoying trying out some new gear for fit, feel and fashion! She's found several go to pieces that are perfect for your brand.

What are her top 3 picks?

This vibrant sweatshirt- for the hood, open neckline, drop tail and of course pockets.

Click the link for the video.

This quarter zip for the softness, over-stitch seams, a waffle texture pattern- it provides a feminine touch with the comfort of knitwear.

This quilted jacket is just the right color for fall, plus the perfect "tween" jacket- not too hot to layer and perfect for those chilly early mornings. Since it's not bulky it packs up easily as the day warms up.

This woman-owned partner also is thoughtful & intentional in both the design elements and the growing response from consumers to make the fashion industry part of sustainable practices. Did you catch our post earlier this year about how this partner is utilizing plastic bottles to create quality apparel? Over 28 million water bottles up-cycled and counting!

Creative Foundations. Better construction and beautiful finishes- plus a commitment to use recycled materials. We love innovative thinkers!

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