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Inspiring Careers Start With Experience!

Promotional Partners has had many interns over the years, and with July 28th National Intern Day, I figured there's no better time to introduce myself than today. Hi, my name is Connor and I'm Promotional Partners summer intern this year.

I am a student at Apex High School and am a part of their AOIT program. As a member of the AOIT program, I am required to have an internship. I had been searching for one and then the Promotional Partners one popped up in my inbox. I knew this was one I definitely wanted to apply for because I was interested in how a small business works. Being part of AOIT I have learned a lot of soft skills, interview skills, and how to create a resume. Learning these skills definitely helped me get the internship. During the internship, I have seen a lot about how a small business works and how it is different than a larger business. Knowing what I have learned during the internship will help me going forward in my life when deciding if I want to own my own business or work for a larger one.

Promotional Partners has had many interns over the years. In fact, Miranda was an AOIT intern when she was in high school and wrote this blog, and Angela interned with Promotional Partners when she was in AOIT as well as when she was in college.

Being a part of AOIT will help me a lot going forward in my life. Although AOIT is technology based, I think what will be even more helpful is the soft skills I have learned through the program.

If you live in Apex, you'll see an article soon in a local publication about the AOIT program and the academy at Apex Friendship High School. Angela and I worked with an intern from that program to provide a perspective about the benefits of the program for businesses and students in the academies.

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