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Is 2021 Still On Pause For Events?

Ringing in the new year did not make the pandemic go away and those that pushed out live events to the first or second quarter of this year are beginning to realize it's time to focus on what we can do, not what we can't do, to engage. The digital experience is being embraced as a way to bridge the distance with thoughtful, well-planned activities, and education.

Events still have a stronger, deeper connection with branded products that can be used before, during, and after the event. What types of products could be sent?

Here are a few from fun to practical:

Using the visual message associated with fun eye-popper products ties in well to kicking off sales goals, and reminding attendees to focus attention on key areas for achieving those goals. Some of us probably recall the cartoons with a character's eyes popping out of the sockets due to love at first sight. Do you have clients or employees that would love to know you care? Have some fun and plan ahead, April 1 is International Fun at Work Day!

Noise Canceling Headphones and earphones with speaker mics are simple products that make virtual meetings easier. These could be used as an incentive to get attendees to be one of the first to register!

To ensure the success of the event, generate "buzz" on social media! Create a hashtag and encourage attendees to share their swag packs and their excitement for the upcoming event! Generally, people love bragging about free things, why not give them something to brag about!

Download our white paper here for a quick overview of how to host a successful virtual event!

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