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Is It Mint To Be?

If you need some encourage-mint to try a mint promotion.

How about one of these 5 reasons?

1. Rather than an elevator pitch, simply pitch some mints! Add your website URL, customer service information, or a call to action- it's a cool brand introduction.

2. In today’s tech-driven world, apps are often a driver to business. A tech-savvy client will appreciate the convenience. Consider offering an incentive or discount code once they sign up for your app. Layer in exclusive perks, purchasing options in a private site store, or offer prizes or coupons for using the app.

3. Social media is one of the most influential ways to showcase your brand's unique personality. Use special hashtags as invitations, enter consumers in contests for following your page, or simply track engagement.

4. Do you have a funny mascot, a photo-worthy destination, or a buzz-worthy branded item? Encourage consumers to pose & snap a pic with their favorite branded item; then share it.

5. QR codes can be scanned to reveal information. Include QR codes on the wrappers to increase your connection with bonus content such as:

· Videos

· Check-ins (on apps like Facebook of Foursquare)

· Playlists (on apps like Spotify)

· Coupon codes

· Online greeting cards

Who doesn’t love saving money? This is a low-cost promotion any business can commit-mint to for advertising. Besides, it's just quirky enough to work.

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