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Is It The Shirt Or The Design?

We have come to the conclusion that it is both.

A different style shirt can elevate your design in many ways, including having a trendy background for your design. For example, the ever-enhancing tie-dye shirts. Yes, these are still very popular!

Why tie-dye?

We have secured a new partner with some of the best, new, and trendy tie-dye patterns for all of your designs. Expect the highest quality, brightest colors and deep inventory. If you need school spirit apparel, fun team-building shirts, or even just an exciting gift, tie-dye shirts have you covered!

The best part about having a tie-dye shirt that supports your design is that the shirt is already captivating the eyes of many with its vibrant colors and swirls.

But, how can your design stand out against the busyness of tie-dye?

That would be a great question to consider, but luckily for you, your super partner is our graphic's team! Part of your local advantage is that our design team has vast experience with tie-dye shirts and is prepared to make your design pop just as much as the shirt itself.

Another part of your local advantage is that you can come into our showroom to feel the options, look at colors and determine fit. Take a look at this short video for more information about what is in our showroom with this link, here. Olivia points out all those hand ties create a dynamic effect.

Don’t hold your designs back with a basic shirt.

Besides, we love designing tees. Here are some examples.

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