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Is Your Brand Measuring Up?

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Do you go to great lengths to provide excellent service or value for your consumers? Do you extend extra perks to your most loyal referral partners or clients? Would you like to provide financial solutions to keep business owners or homeowners from finding themselves overextended? You know we love wordplay, and tape measures are a functional item to brand and a great connection to your brand message as well as a practical gift. Considering the numerous ways one can use a tape measure- this type of promotion can extend long life engagement for your brand.

  • Decorators might give out tape measures to consumers to measure furniture when they are shopping.

  • A window- drapery company will need you to have measurements for your windows before replacements or additions.

  • Considering knocking down a wall in your home to open up the space, checking with a licensed contractor is a good idea; bet they have a really nice tape measure.

  • Real Estate agents can use one to measure all types of widths and heights with prospective homeowners that just have to move THAT one large piece of furniture.

  • A tape measure fits in a small envelope mailer to your target audience, making it a safe way to prospect.

When you are looking for ideas that can go a long way with your ideal consumer- check the blog or ask for a copy of our 12 months of promotion's calendar for some key dates to showcase your fun side!

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