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Is Your Brand Ready to Travel?

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

In May our company will celebrate 13 years in business. Helping you connect with your vertical markets starts by selecting products that travel with your consumers. Just like packing your bags for a trip, dashing off to the gym or commuting from work & back creates choices. The question becomes what are the products you can't live without on your journey? Our company's focus is always on you! Your brand, your growth and your success!

What some product trends that consumers will want in hand?

It depends on where they plan to travel. Here are some interesting ways to insert your brand.

  • Frequent traveler's on planes or other public transportation would appreciate their own personal face towel.

  • For others, hiking to the summit for the best view or the sports enthusiast that wants to be closer to the action will appreciate binoculars.

  • While campers or folks that just sitting on their patio at night in the summer will appreciate a bug zapper-lantern, maybe even play a game of checkers!

  • What about a Segway Scooter to get you around town - come on, indulge your inner child.

  • Save all your travel memories in a digital photo frame.

  • Forget the souvenir shop - next time create your own custom creation to hand out to brand enthusiasts!

  • Can't decide if you want hot coffee, homemade lemonade, hard lemonade in a bottle or cold beer in a can? You'll never have to worry about looking for the right beverage container, this 3-in-1 container keeps hot liquids warm for hours, cold liquids with ice-chilled for hours and you can slide in your favorite energy drink can or soda pop bottle before you recycle!

  • Even a globetrotter needs a pen - for a gratitude journal entry, a crossword puzzle or just to sign a receipt. A fluid writing pen will always be kept close at hand! Our new favorite is the EnerGel Ice by Pentel, who is also committed to environmental efforts. Their Recycology™ line of pens and mechanical pencils are made from at least 50% recycled material and their Hi-Polymer lead comes in 100% recycled plastic containers. Did you know that 80,000 trees a year are cut down to make pencils? A mechanical pencil has refillable lead and helps save forests. Plus, Pentel has partnered with Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees!

Each of the items featured in this blog are items that our partners attending the virtual show carry in their lines! Make sure you're signed up travel with us May 6-8th, you won't want to miss the fun!

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