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It's A Rainy National Margarita Day, But Do You Know The Silver Lining?

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

"Tequila" won The Champs a gold record, but margaritas go best with silver tequila!

Back in 1989, our 2 owners Olivia & Keith visited Mexico. The resort had a mariachi band that performed nightly, offering some familiarity to American travelers by playing "Tequila", by The Champs, 2 many times a night! The use of tequila in margaritas is an immortal practice, and because February 22nd is National Margarita Day, it's another chance for us to pour some fun into your 2022 marketing calendar!

Yes, classic products such as desk accessories, writing instruments, totes, and technology accessories are practical branding ideas, but the crossover to leisure-time activities can add some playfulness to the brand. Here are 2 inspiring ideas for 2/22/2022!!

  1. The BruMate MargTini makes a great gift because of its signature quality and its three layers of premium stainless steel to keep your drinks icy cold, not to mention being splash-proof. Complete the set by sending top clients or high-performing teams a Party in a Box to create their own fiesta, complete with a donkey-shaped piñata!

  2. Allow guests to refresh their drink with this 2-gallon Stanley Cooler. Start with mocktails at the office, then send employees or clients home with their own MargTini. Afterall, Employee Appreciation Day is coming up March 4th.

Want to learn more? Check out this video about how tequila became the new celebrity drink of choice!*

*Source: The New York Times

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