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It's A Squid!

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Consumers look for high return on their marketing dollars. Our industry "works" because we offer high engagement and recall using branded promotions. Technology pieces are among the most requested items; they're hot! 

Because of the popularity of tech items as a promotion, there are many choices for product solutions. Our clients often find the choices confusing when comparing options. One of the most confusing products on the market are the popular multi-prong adapters; often referred to as squids

Let's breakdown what we've learned. Early models copied the Apple certified lightning chip MFi and offered this tip as one of the ends for use. The copy-cat adapter tip would allow the user to charge Apple products using that cable tip, but unlike the Apple certified tip, users could not transmit data. 

Currently the multi-prong adapters usually come with 3 to 4 tips. The tips allow users to cross between products, connect to phones, power banks or laptops to re-charge as well as move data. Consumers are enjoying these products because they serve a valuable function for connecting both old and new tech products. You'll never have to worry about which phone your audience uses when it comes to this product - it covers Apple and Android!

A popular product is the 7141-68 (pictured) having sold out of over 15K units as soon as it was released. Consistent feedback from users of adapters indicates that the longer length is preferred for easier access to connecting products.

Do you need an adapter with a lighting tip? Maybe, maybe not- keep in mind not everyone has the latest technology! Besides, if you receive an adapter that does not work with your iPhone it is not useless. There are still ways to use the adapter to connect other technology devices. We've read reports from "techie folks" advising the C Cable is the cable to watch going forward in 2019. Why? Apple has started using the C tip in newer versions of iPad and will likely make the transition to this tip on the 11 series iPhone. Once this transition happens, the MFi lightning tip will become obsolete. 

Technology is quickly securing a spot in the top 5 most valued and kept promotional items because products cross all demographics. We have a white paper outlining the differences in popular technology pieces, ask us to send you a copy prior to purchasing your next tech piece to review.

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