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It's Okay to Be a Sun Bum!

Summer is meant for lazy days basking in delight of a sunny day.

Protecting your skin, while you enjoy summer fun at the beach & pool will not only help prevent cancer, but those sun spots & wrinkles once your youth starts to fade! Harsh? It's true, our skin does not bounce back so well from summer sun exposure as we age. Consider adding some Sun Bum to your next summer promotion.

Love the look of a Bogg Bag, but want to save a little on the price?

We have several knock offs, that will be appreciated by recipients. if you want custom additions, for example making the holes in the side of the bag a shape that reflects your brand or message- just ask; but plan ahead- that is a custom request.

What should you add to your bag?

Here are some of our suggestions:

Straw Topper- for that re-useable straw tumbler

Snack tray to put over the top of your reusable tumbler

Towels- of all shapes, sizes and price points

Flip Flops- brand names, custom and knock offs!

Crafting a kit that fits your budget, style preferences, time line and that represents your brand values are all elements to each of our collaborations. Many of the items in the post image are not only functional but provide a large imprint space, so we can get creative through our graphic design services. Make- no plans to worry, we've got you covered. Simply enjoy the sun this summer and bask in increased brand awareness, while your brand travels through the summer months with your recipients.

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