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It's Okay To Drop A Few Balls

Pearls have always been a significant symbol to women especially. Symbolizing grace, power, and beauty all in one. We thought, in order to have every woman be able to have “pearls” in her life, we should share some Pearls of Wisdom from some of our women in business friends who have surpassed hardship and continued to grow into leadership positions in their fields. Each woman will offer different “pearls” into how they became the successful person they are today.

The next woman we would like to highlight in this series is Marci Strupp who is the Group Controller at John Deere. Marci positively shared some insight into her experiences as a woman in business and some past advice that she herself was given. 

Marci begins by sharing some of the pearls of wisdom she shares with others. Marci states “We have so much on our plates & in our heads and often put so much pressure on ourselves to balance EVERYTHING.  Think about the number of times you compare yourself to someone else who seems to "do it all" and you aim to be like that.” 

She continues by explaining “We have so many balls in the air.  You have to 1st be OK with some of those balls dropping.  It doesn't mean you're a failure!  You are human.  2nd you have to distinguish between the balls that, when dropped, will bounce and the ones that will shatter.  BE ok with those bounces and prioritize the avoidance of the shattering. The people who seem to "do it all" are also dropping the balls - just not the ones that shatter.” 

Marci also gives her insight into how we should view new opportunities that come our way by stating “As we are looking at different opportunities, we are quick to go to a fixed mindset and think of different reasons why we cannot embark on that opportunity - 

I don't have XYZ skillset, I'm not good at ABC things, I only check 80% of the required skill sets…First - add "Yet" to the end of all of those statements and put yourself into a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset. And Second - ask yourself what would it take for you to say yes to that opportunity.”

Olivia & Marci connected in the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce, both serving on the board for several years. Marci was the part of the executive board, as the Treasurer while Olivia served as President Elect, President and Past President with Marci. Olivia reflects on her service with Marci as rewarding and fun, stating, "Marci has such a warm inviting personality and a funny side - which I love in a person that's also a numbers whiz. She is solutions oriented and up for any challenge. She embraced innovative ideas and was so supportive as a volunteer partner. "

Marci Strupp has shared her Pearls of Wisdom with us by offering great advice for many different scenarios. This pearl will be able to guide you through many tough situations in your career with inspiring optimism. Make to sure to follow up with Marci on LinkedIn here.

Keep up with our socials for more Pearls of Wisdom from women industry leaders, including our latest post, here.

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