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Journey To The Wild Side of Branding

Camping has become a favorite pass time for those who are eager to explore the great outdoors, enjoy music festivals and for those who are involved in outdoor clubs and associations. There are 78.8 million households that camp at least 3 times a year and has become increasingly popular among millennials. Over half of campers in the US are millennials with 53 percent spending over $200 on gear.

Traditional camping typically involves taking a tent, backpack, food, water and a sleeping bag or a hammock to a remote location. Sometimes amenities like clean drinking water and a hot shower at the end of the day are another desire depending on where one camps. For those who prefer traditional style camping, branded mini LED lanterns or flashlights, multi-functional tools, blankets or backpacks can create a significant impression on the end user.

Glamping is an emerging trend which provides the best of both worlds, amenities like running water and air conditioning but still having that experience of the outdoors and seclusion. Glampers tend to prefer amenities over simplicity, so promote your brand with foldable chairs, plush towels or blankets, power banks, portable fans, Bluetooth speakers and cutlery sets.

Don’t forget your pets! Campers love to camp alongside their furry friends. Think about branded collapsible food dishes, waste disposal bags, canned food lids and clip on LED safety lights.

Festival campers will make use of branded drawstring bag or fanny packs to hold all their essentials, sunglasses, water bottles, and sunscreen along with any necessary camping equipment.

Whichever style of camping is preferred – if you are a beginner or an expert, young or old, campers share one thing in common – the outdoors. Convey your brands’ story through useful promotional products to create a memorable camping experience.

Here are some camping ideas to help get you started on your next promotional campaign:

This powerful lantern illuminates a tent with 100 lumens—the equivalent of 100 candles and offers adjustable brightness and foldable hooks for hanging.

Stay Eco-friendly on your trip with this utensil set composed of reclaimed stalks from wheat

which is renewable and sustainable. Comes in an individual protective case.

Stay prepared with the High Sierra® Outdoor Adventure Kit which includes an emergency blanket, compass, flashlight, multitool, pocket knife, Paracord bracelet with fire starter, and a roll top waterproof bag to keep it all safe.

Stay cool with the Portable Hand Fan with Holder. Powered by USB or battery, this fan provides a cool breeze hands free or on the go!

Keep the pesky bugs away with the Mosquito Repellent Night Lamp. The lamp features a bottom light, a bug zapping light, and a hanging hook. The both lights are activated by touch on the top of the lamp. The bottom bulb is a bright LED light comparable to a filament bulb. Perfect for glampers who like the idea of camping, but without all those bugs!

The UL Listed Fad 10000 mAh PD Fast Wireless Power Bank has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can work as a charging pad or a regular power bank on the go. The 18W USB-C port can provide enough power to charge a laptop that is powered through a Type C port and fast charge compatible devices.

Ready for any pup-friendly endeavor, the collapsible Aqua-fur silicone dog bowl is foldable and lightweight. Holds a full liter of water but can also be used as a two-liter bucket. Sleek, transformer-like design is hailed for its ultra-portability. Hit the trail, dog park or beach with a carefree, friendly buddy bowl that won’t ever soak your pack.

Whether you like to rough it in the woods or you prefer glamping, get out and celebrate all the beauty Mother Earth has to offer this Earth Day!

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