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Knockout Your Competition -Add Punch To Your Marketing

Color is one of the simplest ways to add high impact to your marketing message. The abundance of full color surfaces add the ability to adhere to your brand guide's color palette without paying for PMS matches. Plus, modern digital decoration capabilities can now be applied to both hard-goods and apparel, offering exceptional precision & image resolution.

Digital decoration also takes the "wrap imprint" on drinkware to another level, with the design going completely around the surface of the object. Watch this video to see the process at work on a water-bottle and then this video for applying to wearable products.

Wanna a little more BANG- POM- POW for your buck?

Between now and the end of December, ask us about creating a full color box for your kitting needs at no additional charge for upgrade on the box!

Ask us which box size applies to this special promotion, kitting & shipping costs additional.

We'll create knockout graphics that will add the punch your brand needs for the WOW factor!

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