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Later Gaiter? Beware of the twist

What's quirky enough to work? Not Alligators, but protective gaiters. Are you ready for a turtleneck hoodie with a built-in neck gaiter to use as a face mask?

Who might appreciate this type of product?

Outdoor enthusiasts such as campers, hikers, fishers, joggers in tight public spaces or

essential workers like landscapers, home builders, plumbers, HVAC teams, and public works employees.

Looking for a temporary, easy to remove solution? How about a gaiter with an integrated cap, which is great for those coming in contact for a limited period of time. After all, who wants to remove the gear when it's not necessary? Leaving your hands mobile to assist! These are perfect for educators in the carpool line or restaurant & meal delivery services.

Not convinced this type of branding makes a difference with consumers? Consider the impact of masks and gaiters in 2020 on those that chose to brand face coverings and consider how this type of promotion could work for your business.

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