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Let's Be Alone - Together

Did you know that in 1994 a garage-based business called Amazon offered a way to purchase books online? E-commerce has changed a lot in the past 25 years but clearly consumers like the ease of shopping online.

Is there a place for tangible marketing to the e-commerce shopper? Of course, a digital presence still relies on finding human audience to engage.

What can these businesses do to increase revenue?

  • Reward shoppers for increasing the size of an order or referring them to a friend with more than a discount.

  • Insert free branded products that hit on the flavor of your company’s brand.

Those gifts will be appreciated, useful and travel with your customer; increasing your brand reach within their circles. Consider products that integrate technology – such as wireless charging padfolios or water bottles that double as a speaker or hold your ear buds.

Amazon started by offering books to consumers. However, smart marketing can benefit from an oxymoron. If you like turning the pages rather than a Kindle reader, then you'd need a bookmark. A bookmark in the modern age might be a placeholder on your computer to a favorite spot, perhaps even an e-commerce site. However, the bookmark might have removable stickers, which could be decorations for your laptop cover, the same laptop you have in the coffee shop, next to the current book you are reading. A savvy coffee shop might embed a QR to share dates for book lover's to gather, on one of their slower nights, to discuss the book of the month.

Who says we can't benefit from being alone together?

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