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Let's Jog Your Memory

Updated: Apr 22

Rewards should be something to celebrate, creating a memory for the recipient.

There are no "rules" for awards.

An award is meant to be a symbol of accomplishment; jogging the memory each time it's seen.

We love making an impression that lasts.

For example, runner's like to collect medals!

Rewarding them with a high quality medal increases participation and provides an opportunity to share the fun of the race experience each time the medal is displayed, photographed & discussed.

You know our team never does anything "halfway". We had some fun with racers at the Apex Chamber Run the Peak 5K-10K the past couple of year's, because any good marathoner knows one should never do anything halfway!

What's in these pints?

Runner's gloves, with touch screen fabric. These gloves make it simple to change your play list on a brisk morning. In fact, make it a year-round combo that will be kept, used and appreciated. Remember, appreciation & recognition come in a variety of forms, not only displayed on a shelf or desk.

We love seeing our partnerships at work, putting a spotlight on strong community partnerships and keeps our partner's story going year-round. Making a personal connection is a critical part to the success of any campaign. Tees frequently take center stage as a promotional product in the campaign, but why? Watch here.

Let's take a look at some more collaborations with running enthusiast's. Tideland 24, is a 24 Hour run in the Croatan National Forest benefitting the Marine Raider Foundation.

Local annual races, like the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce- Run the Quay, have become a fan favorite among running community.

Matching tees, like these for TE Connectivity, capture a sense of pride & unity among a large group supporting a local chamber event.

The trophy for the Fuquay-Varina Chamber of Commerce and the cool down cups shown here, added to the race experience.

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