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Look Mom, No Hands!

Look mom, no hands! Individuals that work in non-traditional environments or love getting their hands dirty outside their work hours will appreciate a light that fits in the pocket or on a toolbelt. The ability to attach this compact light to a magnetic surface provides the hands free assistance that any craftsman would appreciate.

If a remote light inspires you to grab your hard hat, you are not alone. In 2018, Stastia reported that US consumer purchases for home improvement products were estimated at 394 billion dollars. Clearly, Americans don't mind getting a dirty. An essential safety product for professionals in construction, home improvement and DIY homeowners is a USA Made hardhat. It's implied that you're going to get dirty, while helping ensure safety.

Building plans and project instructions are no longer only found on paper. Technology has changed how we plan, share and receive information. In a modern setting, staying connected to your building plans may require a laptop or tablet. A good partner to have is a solar charged power bank, with large enough capacity to charge your laptop, tablet or four devices at once, even out in the field. Take a look a how it works.

Duluth is synonymous with quality and luxury, while rugged enough for any job. Sometimes the best tool in your marketing box is buying less and investing your dollars into products that individual recipients will keep and use for years. Plus, Duluth products are USA Made.

Research supports that 99% of consumers will go out of their way to grab a promotional product, 8 out 10 consumers like receiving a product and 74% have a more favorable impression of the advertiser. prefer this form of advertising and 72% associate the quality of the product with the quality of the company.

Our partner, Compass Promos, has items for large distributions as well as name brand products for employees, referral partners and customer gifts. Designing a comprehensive marketing program is better when it's not a DIY project, but crafted with a trusted resource. Besides, our team has the expertise and enjoys sharing options.

Make sure you are following our social media, to gain access to videos featuring new product trends and data related to consumer buying habits. Tangible marketing relies on the power of touch. Speaking of touch- if your heartstrings have been touched by local First Responders, you might consider one of these gifts from this product line.

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