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Looking for flexibility?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

If 2020 taught us anything it's that a bit of flexibility to your habits can open up an entirely new way of thinking!

In a tech driven word, flexibility is critical, yet each of us uses technology differently as part of our daily routine. In our quest to share "quirky enough to work" products, we enjoy highlighting products with strong message potential through physical attributes and of course word play.

  • These gel mounts will literally take your brand anywhere your recipient cares to travel. Let your branding live a little; adapt & embrace change.

  • How about a non- tipping can cooler? Yes! Stay connected anywhere!

  • Setting up your office space for maximizing organization and efficiency? This desk gift set is a perfect welcome back to work gift.

  • Ever played with bubble wrap? Of course, a push-pop game is a great stress reducer and plenty of fun for kids of all ages.

  • Play reduces stress and games build camaraderie. From tic tac toe to giant yard games.

  • Ready to use soap in the great outdoors?

According to our partner's at ASI, the top 3 reasons a consumer will keep and use your gift include: attractive, quality, useful! We hope these quirky, products will be a hit for your next branding campaign.

* Source 2020 Advertising Specialty Institute Global Study

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