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Make A Clear Choice!

When we use the phrase a clear choice- it's implied, "well duh- the answer is right in front of you."

A clear choice.

The winner.

Items that are clear also offer value add, a clear winner when it comes to brand real estate for your message. Take a look at how these pints have a little "pun" when a wrap imprint is applied to the surface. The extra content area was perfect for our upcoming sponsorship.

What's peeking out? Those are runner's gloves, perfect for those chilly mornings to use the touch screen feature for your playlist.

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Maybe you have an event that could use some fun- unbreakable fun?

Silipint is perfect for outdoor events because it's so resilient.

The fun colors are perfect for diversity & inclusion themes.

Which one is glass?

The clear whiskey glass on the top is a silipint, not real glass.

The one on the bottom is real glass, which is perfect for a commemorative event!

We've always have our vision set on options that help others see you are the clear choice for partnership! We think these new silipints are perfect for our quirky enough to work series, would you agree?

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