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Make a Splash

Updated: Jun 28

Jump into summer and make a splash- a brand splash.

The facts are simple- towels make a splash for a brand for 3 reasons.

  1.    LARGEST DEMOGRAPHIC    No Need to worry about sizing!   Towels are a ‘one size fits all’ solution that make a perfect gift for any group or industry.

  2.    LONGEST DURABILITY    Towels are washed and reused time and time again; outlasting the durability of most other promotional products.

  3.    LARGEST IMPRINT AREA    Towels offer one of the LARGEST imprint areas in the promotional product industry, up to 25″ x 50″!

Take your brand identity on an adventure.

Content area is critical to growing brand awareness- be seen this summer.

What are some of our favorite towels you should consider?

Something you want to make a splash, but you only need one!

How about the popular summer brand

Lilly Pulitzer?

Yes- we have brand names too!

Ready to make a splash?

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