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Make An Impression by Disappearing

Do you have something exciting happening in 2023?

Add suspense, intrigue and excitement with a big reveal.

Footprints come and go quickly in the waves. Even if only there for a few seconds- they make an impression that reflects a journey.

Visually exciting moments, might be just the type of drama you need to make your news release more impactful.

Is your company headed down a new path for 2023?

Perhaps you have plans to launch a new product, additional services or celebrating a milestone moment in the timeline of your company. Make an impression on your target markets by disappearing. That's right. Disappearing. Add some magic to the moment.

This is one of many ways to use clever graphic design team to share your story.

Here is our line of mugs for disappearing ink. These mugs are also USA Made!

* Note for those of you that need to know the science behind the magic, here's how disappearing ink works. Carbon dioxide reacts with moisture in the air to form carbonic acid (H2CO3).The carbonic acid caused an acid–base indicator in the ink to turn colorless.

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