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Making One Of A Kind Connections

You've probably heard of the bands Patagonia and North Face, but have you ever heard of Cotopaxi? Cotopaxi is a brand that makes clothing, bags, and outdoor items just like Patagonia except there is one major thing that makes them stand out. There main priority is their environmental impact. When making items from fabric there are a lot of leftover scraps that are tossed away and end up in landfills.

Cotopaxi Founder and CEO Davis Smith recognized this issue and was determined to find a solution. He decided to create the Cotopaxi brand which constructs their products with 94% of the product made from remnants of recycled materials. In addition to reusing fabric that would otherwise be thrown away, they also give a minimum of 1% of all their revenue to charities that have an emphasis on fighting poverty.

Due to the fact that they use scraps to make their products no two bags they sell will ever be the exact same, and that's what makes their products so appealing to customers. Each bag from Cotopaxi consists of its own colorful and unique design. We love how that brand message fits themes of diversity and inclusion. While we are all human beings, we each bring our own unique gifts, talents and voice to projects.

Whether you need a fanny pack, back pack, or a duffel bag for those fun weekend trips, Cotopaxi has got you covered.

Interested in seeing one of their unique bags in person?

Swing by our showroom in Downtown Apex. We'd love to introduce you to this brand.

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