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Making The Most of Virtual Meetings

85% of consumers can recall branded products they use regularly. ( check global studies stat and insert hidden paper) Products that are useful or solve challenges always rank high in consumer surveys. In terms of aesthetics, sleek and professional are classic traits that appeal to consumers. Investing in relationships always matters. Rewarding employees with branded products that enhance their daily routine, branding your space when you travel is smart marketing for a smaller business and giving gifts that show you care, are easy ways to repeat the appreciation long past a dinner at a nice restaurant.

Take a look at two new products that will work for the road warriors and those remote workers who like to work from the local coffee shop each morning.

Key factors for success of any new product in the marketplace comes down to ease, convenience and quality. If you need to plug into work anywhere or have become an individual suddenly finding yourself working from home, you'll appreciate quality audio during a virtual meeting. Let's take a look at two products that would add value in the workplace.

The ultra-slim and portable, Harman Kardon Esquire Mini 2 is a powerful speaker that's specially tuned acoustics deliver high-fidelity sound. Features like the conferencing system with noise cancellation, 10 hours of playtime and a built-in powerbank make this an ideal companion for the mobile workforce; take a closer look at this video clip.

Flight Flap Pro is a premium phone and tablet holder, designed with the seasoned traveler in mind. Made with durable neoprene, Lycra fabrics & high quality stitching, the Flight Flap Pro bends and folds to handle the toughest situations. It holds your phone perfectly while maintaining the lightweight feel and easy to use form that global travelers love. Customize with a full color design to match your brand!

Is your brand in plain sight and accessible to fingertips?

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