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Millennial's Get The Power of Touch

We've become accustom to using technology in our personal and professional lives throughout the day, it's always within reach. Ease of access to information and communication keeps us tethered to our mobile devices and requires an assortment of accessories to keep us powered so we can connect with others or share information. This sensory connection is even more pronounced in the millennial generation, having grown up with technology in hand.

Whether you call branded products swag or not, there is no doubt tangible advertising is swaying and shaping consumer behavior in ways other media can't touch. Yep, that was a double entrendre! Building retention, recall and response among your target markets for your brand is critical to growth. Why not combine the power of touch and the appeal of tech to generate engagement, create a call to action and create loyalty with your vertical markets?

This video captures what's powerful about the touch of advertising and the impact of this form of marketing.

Now that we have your attention, let's explore some new product trends you'll want in your hands:

  • Gamers and graphic artists will likely appreciate the control offered by this Logitech Mousepad, an ultra low surface friction, is an ideal surface for subtle hand movements and quick mouse gestures, which gamers will love. Besides minimizing mistakes with a hand slip during a game, precise cursor placement is critical in design work!

  • myCharge products combine innovation and deliver on versatility and results. They've integrated built–in charging cords and included powerful lithium polymer batteries for a quicker charge so you can ditch your dependency on cables and wall outlets.

  • If we are going to play on words with the touch of a hand, then we've got to include a wireless mouse, including one in full color.

If you are following us on social media- then you'll know which products our team can't live without.

What's the tech product you can't live without?

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