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More Than The Stars & Stripes

Flag Day is nationally celebrated on June 14th, in celebration and remembrance of the creation of the original American flag in 1776. On May 30th, 1916 President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation establishing a National Flag Day on June 14th. The day commemorates the adoption of the Stars and the Stripes as the official flag of the United States.

Did you know George Washington commissioned the flag before the Declaration of Independence was written?

It's true! George Washington commissioned Betsy Ross, a Philadelphia seamstress, to create a flag for the new nation in anticipation of a declaration of its independence.

That shows how much George Washington truly believed in the independence of the nation we know today. This story also highlights how powerful symbols, like flags, can be to send a message. Flags historically, have been used to symbolize and unify groups of people together, who together stand for the same cause.

How can flags be used today?

Flags are still used in the same way today and our business encourages you to use a flag to send your own powerful message. Whether it is for uniting people or bringing necessary attention to an issue, customizing a flag to meet your purpose is an influential way to get your message out.

The images and colors that encompass a flag are only part of the story. Each star and stripe on the American flag represents a state and each of the original thirteen colonies. These colors symbolize patriotism and independence as well as unity under one governmental system. By working directly with our graphics team, you will be able to tell your own story through the important colors and symbols that represent your crucial message.

A flag is the best way to unite people and the best medium to represent your message so that it can reach an entire nation.

Below are some shapes we can customize with graphics that share your story.

Your company or organization is it's own "space" and a flag is a perfect way to capture the pride & story behind your brand.

What type of flag will tell your story?

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