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Need A Helping Hand?

Whether you are working out, cooking in the kitchen or video conferencing- there are times that an extra pair of hands would be helpful.

If you've ever Googled a how to video, and tried to follow the directions while watching the video then you know that the ability to stabilize your phone, in your line of sight, without holding it would be an asset.

These gel mounts are the perfect solution to your helping hand needs. Besides, a helping hand is what community is all about, right?

Will you help us support our annual campaign to give back to The Poe Center with your purchases this month? Ask us how this item can be part of the program and travel with your consumers throughout their day. Consider the message behind the promotion- showcasing your brand as a innovator, problem solver and a partner that sticks around. We love constructing stories, you might say it's #YourStoryOurWhy!

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