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Own Your Space - Ground Up

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

There is billboard space waiting just beneath your feet.

Floor mats serve a practical purpose for safety and facility appearance. Most consumers would easily recognize that floor mats are helpful to reduce moisture from rain or snow or to wipe your dirty shoes before entering a building; but what about other reasons to use mats?

  • Mats can be cushioned to reduce fatigue for professionals who stand on their feet all day ( co brand to reduce costs and get your logo inserted in someone else's space)

  • Add a personal touch to home decor (which is a great gift for real estate, interior decoration or home services)

  • Generate spirit or share a welcome message

  • Provide brand unity to your facility space

  • Create a call to action - contest, seasonal purchase, reminder of company goals, even the signature of every employee in the department- pledging to provide outstanding service. 

  • Floor mats are Made in USA

  • Can be custom shapes and images to enhance your message.

  • Photo rich place to share a story in your trade show booth or waiting room area.

  • Easy care and long lasting.

  • Cheaper in the long run than rentals and YOU control the content rather than the rental company; who's not thinking about the application or the message.

  • Quick turn - you only need 1 unit. 

  • Apex and Fuquay-Varina Chamber members qualify for 10% discount off their purchase

Indoor, outdoor or just for fun. We have you covered! Ask us how long lasting, USA mats, with no set up fees and as few as one unit can help to define your business space.

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