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Put Your Brand on Cruise Control

Let's face it, making a plan is not always at the top of everyone's list unless you're Big Bang character, Sheldon Cooper. However having a plan actually frees up more time because you're simply monitoring progress and executing, not having to innovate during a stressful period at work.

What are some upcoming dates that normally you might overlook in sharing your brand message?

November is:

  • National Inspirational Role Model Month

  • National Scholarship Month

  • November 4: International Stress Awareness Day

  • November 6: National Team Manager day

  • November 15: National Philanthropy Day

  • November 17: National Hiking Day

  • November 21: Family Volunteer Day

December is:

  • Safe Toys & Gifts Month

  • December 1-7: National Hand-washing Awareness Week

  • December 10-17: Human Rights Week

  • December 11: National App Day

  • December 16: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

  • December 20: National Ugly Sweater Day

January is:

  • It's Okay to be Different Month

  • January 6: Cuddle Up Day

  • January 10: Cut Energy Cost Day

  • January 28: Data Privacy Day

By planning out your year in advance, your marketing efforts need only be monitored for progress and then revised or tweaked each quarter based on performance. Use a system such as Hootsuite, to control posts & monitor progress across your platforms. If this just looks like a list of dates- no worries, we can craft your brand story around key dates like these, help you design events or promotions and of course layer in the power of touch to your other marketing channels.

Additionally our skilled graphic & marketing team can create your social media guide and generate images to use with your yearly plan.

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