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Quality Matters

A cup that feels good in your hand, a pen with some weight that glides across the paper, a hand-crafted item with those little touches resonate with consumers. Offering less to your consumer base but increasing the quality will go a long way, from long term use to a higher perceived value of your brand. Quality branded items are also a way to offer perks to your employee base.

Consider this, if you want more participation in your company’s wellness program, wireless speakers they can use at their workstation as well as the company gym will be appreciated. If employees have a long walk from the parking garage downtown or parking lot, a quality umbrella or nice rain jacket would make an ideal gift.

January is traditionally associated with new goals and fresh starts. The growing demand for strong mental and physical health make simple additions in the workplace a keyway to recruit and retain talent. We all may not need copper insulated drinkware that keeps our liquids hot or cold for hours, or coolers that can hold ice for days - but it’s become the norm to expect more and quality products are appreciated by recipients.

Whichever quality item you select, keep it simple to maximize the focus on where it should be: your brand.

This design trend shows up in everything from bags to drinkware. Our stylish new NBN bag collection was designed to be the perfect canvas to showcase your brand. Meanwhile, the natural look and feel of bamboo gives Welly bottles a truly distinctive look.

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