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What You Should Know Before You Pitch A Tent

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

March 20th is the first day of Spring - it brings to mind flowers, picnics and festivals. At Apex's annual Peakfest local business owners line the streets in their booths. Before pitching your tent, there are several factors to consider.

LocationUse -Set Up How frequently will this tent be used? Will you need a case with wheels for easier transport? Will the construction of the frame be a factor for weight to carry around and durability?

Longevity – Is this a long-term or short-term application?

Things happen: so if you are planning to use this tent for multiple events a year, then you may want to consider an option with a longer warranty. Most suppliers offer between six and eight color options with UV and weather protection. Where will you store this item? If it is in a hot storage warehouse, the heat may adversely affect a heat transfer image over a sublimated image.

Message – What is the desired impact of your promotional message?

Depending on your audience and event goals, you have multiple locations to place your messaging; each side of the canopy peak and valance gives you eight places to place an image. There are additional options for branding such as leg cuffs and tent walls give a modern look for more strategic placement.

Budget -- What is your total budget?

We help guide you through comparing your choices, which includes set up fees, design time fees if required, shipping costs and accessories. In some cases, there are package options that include tents which provide you a better overall cost with more display products.

Timeline – When do you need this item in hand?

Depending on your event date, we consider the total time to produce, walking you through the steps.

The most frequently purchased tent size is 10 foot. There are many options to choose from, one of our suppliers has made a great comparison chart.

For a variety of tent options, check out our event tents section of the website.

You've got a tent but how will draw in the crowd? We have game solutions, coolers, prize wheels and interactive displays.

Our in-house graphics team can create a booth that will engage attendees and share your message.

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