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Relax- a little control goes along way!

Go ahead, sometimes control is exactly what you need

Brand consistency, on-boarding employees, redeeming rewards & incentives, fundraising and special events.

Your marketing plan is in place for the year. Events are mapped out and you need the ease of ordering, distribution & managing your choices.

Let's control the variables with your own custom web-store.

We have been hosting stores for years and outlined why custom web-stores make your life easier in this 2021 post. Whatever the need, we have a platform. We craft a stores around your specific needs, including specialized instructions and of course your logo on products. Each of our platforms has it own advantages.

Our new stores go a step further, offering some enhanced features such as:

  • Easy management using a PO system & track employee purchases

  • Fund-raising stores for brand enthusiasts- with profit tracking!

  • Not sure what to select when you have last minute events or need turn key gift solutions? We can add special categories for quick turn products or on demand - yep as few as 1 unit for gifts. Even ask about personalizations.

  • Do you need a store for employees or customers to apply earned rewards & incentives? Stores can be set up with unique individual log in for security with password protection & applying discount codes.

  • Create custom detailed reports around your order

  • Bundle packages

  • 60 customizable categories per store

  • Fundraising or offering a limited window for selections- use our countdown clock feature right on the home page down to the hour, minute and second till the store will close. No more wondering if it's open!

Let's discuss the ease & efficiency of keeping your approved products in one location, with no storage necessary and keeping your brand standards secure!

Ask us to share platform options and show you how easy we can make managing your brand.

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