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Remove Your Footprint- Easy as 1, 2, 3

Solutions to sustainability require innovative thinking and approaches.

If your company is interested in reducing your carbon footprint and you already have or want to start Zero Waste Initiatives, this product offers a solution.

Did you know that in the US we use about 2 billion pens a year, and 1.6 of them wind up in the trash each year because they are out of ink?

That's enough pens to circle the earth 6 times.

A simple way to recycle in the break room, near a central trash bin or in the warehouse is this new box- ready to accept your pens, pencils and markers. Even place this box in public areas for recycling.

The prepaid shipping label comes included with the Pens, Pencils, & Markers Zero Waste Box so when the box is full, it only needs to be sealed and picked up with your UPS shipments. TerraCycle takes care of the rest, sorting and recycling the accepted waste into new products and materials.

  • Perfect for banks, stores, offices, schools, events

  • Pre-paid return shipping label pre-affixed on box for ultimate convenience

  • Accepted waste includes any metal or plastic pens , Marker, Highlighter, Caps, and Pencils. Excludes Wheat Straw Pens, Paint Brushes, Paint, Paint Tubes, Crayons, and Charcoal Pencils

  • Branded with a 3” sticker affixed to the front of the box

  • Ask us about a custom sleeve that can be reused when your next box arrives. Only pay for the custom sleeve once!

  • Can hold up to 800 writing instruments depending on the size of the items

  • Printed recycling guidelines on each box

  • Material: Cardboard

  • Standard Packaging: Shipped flat

  • Product Size: 11″ W x 11″ L x 20″ H x 11″ D

How simple? 1, 2, 3- order, deposit, ship back!

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